Public Address via IP

When it comes to professional communication and security, private and public operators all over the world rely on solutions by Commend. Networkable IP loudspeakers and IP amplifiers are the perfect Intercom add-on: secure, simple and straightforward.

Public Address Solutions made easy – by COMMEND

What makes Commend IP-based Public Address solutions special? Here are four quick answers:

IP PA with graphic visualisation – full control around the clock.

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Multi-functional response systems for proactive protection of open-air sites.

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Multi-functional IP Public Address,
e. g., in the school environment.

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Multi-functional response systems with silent alarm for proactive protection of people.

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The Basic Idea

IP-PA Overview

The basic idea behind IP-based PA by Commend is to enable the seamless integration of security communication and Public Address:

  • TRANSMIT audio signals at the highest possible level of quality, availability and flexibility
  • INTEGRATE security equipment via signal input/output lines, e. g., for controlling video cameras, light switches or door actuators, handling incoming detector signals, etc.
  • RESPOND to on-site situations and acoustically monitor the area under surveillance as necessary

Features like these clearly set Commend solutions apart from classic “PA-only” solutions and open up a whole new range of possibilities for PA applications. Loudspeakers are integrated into your communication workflows as active, multi-purpose devices to take over security-critical tasks.

Features and Benefits

Multifunctional solutions with built-in reliability and value-adding functions

IP PA solutions by Commend are designed with the user in mind. They provide an easy-to-use, yet highly innovative way of transmitting security-relevant information. This is because IP Loudspeakers by COMMEND are not just perfect ‘speakers’, but also ‘active listeners’ and ‘diligent assistants’ when it comes to reliable ambient communication.

IP all around

  • Networked via IP
  • Loudspeakers can be addressed and configured individually
  • No need for central amplifiers
  • Straightforward organisation of loudspeakers into groups and sections without the need for hardware changes or extra wiring

Crystal Clear Audio Quality

  • 16 KHz eHD Voice (7 kHz HD Voice for SIP)
  • Superior intelligibility for announcements, background music, notifications, warnings, and promotional messages
  • Extra-high volume capacity thanks to 10-Watt Class "D" amplifier

IVC - Intelligent Volume Control

  • Intercom stations automatically adjust their volume setting to their ambient acoustic conditions.
  • Perfect intelligibility despite loud, changeable background noise.
  • Comfortable volume levels for silent environments – puts an end to ear-splitting announcements
  • Public Address for environments with highly changeable ambient noise levels, such as railway platforms, engine rooms, or school buildings

Audio à la Carte

  • Many flexible ways of transmitting voice messages
  • Live announcements addressed to selected zones or sections, over grouped or individual loudspeakers
  • Voice audio memory for simple recording of announcements prior to transmission
  • Playback of pre-recorded audio messages, sounds, alarm notifications or audio signals
  • Manual or time scheduled playback control
  • Support for text-to-speech solutions

2-way (bi-directional) transmission

  • Call-back via loudspeaker
  • Built-in loudspeaker microphones
  • Open on-site communication via loudspeaker call-back
  • Direct acoustic monitoring of on-site incidents (only in case of alarm)

Input/output control

  • Hardware I/Os (inputs/outputs) for output signal control and input signal messaging
  • Supports integration and control of third-party systems
  • Enables interaction with on-site security equipment such as motion detectors or door actuators
  • Enables programming of logic action sequences – e. g., ‘Play warning message - Activate lights - Set off call to Control Desk - Activate CCTV camera’
  • Can be activated manually, on a time schedule, or based on trigger events such as motion detector signals

Acoustic call and action triggers

  • Audio Monitoring actively scans the ambient volume level in the vicinity of the loudspeaker. If a certain volume threshold level is exceeded, the system automatically sets off a call to the Control Desk.
  • Reliable notification of changes in the ambient volume level
  • Suitable for automatic emergency calls, acoustic device monitoring, or acoustic intrusion detection
  • Enables instant proactive intervention
  • The threshold value for such volume-triggered events can be adjusted individually and based on a time schedule

Ensuring constant reachability

  • End-to-end monitoring of loudspeaker connections
  • Constant verification of loudspeaker and microphone functionality by means of inaudible acoustic signals
  • Provides higher reliability than DTMF tones and works perfectly even in loud environments
  • Significantly reduced need for on-site equipment inspections

Direct, serverless communication

  • Intercom stations and SIP capable telephones can be arranged into a separate intelligent communication network without the need for a server
  • Loudspeakers double as stand-alone systems for automatic playback of pre-recorded messages, such as warnings or injunctions
  • Power can be supplied either via a local power source or via PoE (Power over Ethernet)

SIP or IoIP, just as needed or requested

  • Can be operated via IoIP (Intercom over IP) or SIP
  • IoIP for perfect, seamless integration into Commend systems for security and communication and utilising server intelligence (control desk, interfaces, ...)
  • SIP for serverless operation and connection to Voice-over-IP systems
IP-PA Solution - Perimeter Protecton
IP-PA Solution

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