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Commend at a Glance

From its founding in 1971, Commend grew from a small family business into a large, globally recognised player providing Integrated Intercom Systems. Today, our unique solutions are installed for the protection of people, buildings and assets throughout the world.

Integration of Commend Intercom Solutions has been hugely successful in many industry sectors. Intercom stations, modules and servers for integration of speech, image and data can be found in control rooms throughout the world for increased security. For example, help and emergency call points for transport solutions, controlling barriers in car parks and controlling lifts in buildings.

Our solutions can be found in iconic buildings including the Shard (UK), Mercury Tower (RUS); throughout the London Underground Network (UK); in universities and schools; in production facilities; refineries, airports; hospitals; car parks; tunnels and many more.

Commend products and solutions are long term investments, because they can be expanded and upgraded.

All of these industry sectors require absolute dependability in a variety of situations. Exceptional quality, state of the art design, reliability, commitment to longevity and product development, ensures that a Commend Intercom solution is a lifetime investment in communication and is why we remain the preferred choice among our customers.

Our passion is your safety and security.

Over 40 years of experience

First Intercom Station from Commend

All started with a single Intercom Station in the 70ies.

Discover the Milestones

Commend UK Ltd is dedicated to

  • Ensuring that the Customer's requirements are well understood and that the Customer is aware of all the functional options available with a Commend Solution.  Commend UK's dedicated Sales Team ensures that the purchased system will be optimised to provide the best possible solution and value for money.
  • Ensuring that the Factory provides this tailored solution not only with pre-delivery configuration of system software but also in the design and manufacture of Control Desks, Masters and/or Speech (Slave) units through the implementation of a Quality Management System designed to promote continuous improvement in processes and meet expectations of specification, delivery times and repeatability.
  • Providing a first class After Sales Service to ensure not only that the Intercom Solution provided meets the Customer's requirements when commissioned but also that it continues to function in an optimal manner.

Both Commend International and Commend UK ensure that all employees are well trained and that the working environment is relaxed and efficient. As a consequence staff turnover is low thus providing a high level of continuity both for product knowledge and Customer Relations.

Commend UK Ltd supply specialist intercom solutions to meet with specific British and European standards, including:

  • EN81-28
  • EN81-72
  • BS5588 Pt 8
  • BS5839 Pt 9
  • London Underground

We have supplied well over 50,000 complete systems in the last 10 years, many in notable and well known locations, such as:

  • Canary Wharf, London;
  • London Underground;
  • NCP - Nationwide;
  • Birmingham Centro;
  • The Scottish Parliament;
  • Brunel University;
  • GNER;
  • Belfast Queens Hospital;
  • HMP Guernsey;
  • Trent Bridge Cricket ground
  • All major UK Airports.

Case Studies

Brunel University

Commend UK has successfully completed the supply of Disabled Evacuation and Refuge Intercom system to Brunel University. The system is fully compliant with the requirements of the Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA) BS5839 part 9 and BS5588 Part 8.

NCP – National Operations Centre (NOC)

NCP Car Parks, operate as both isolated car parks and as networked solutions. The latest development is seeing all of the car parks being networked over IP to a central intercom server located within the London Docklands.

Middlesbrough – Talking Cameras

Installation and networking of Public Address equipment and Help Points around the Town Centre.


A wide range of solutions are available providing the ability to speak via Intercom anywhere to anywhere, both stand alone or fully networked solutions. Applications include:

  • Building Security
  • Car Parks
  • Public Transport
  • Town Centres
  • Universities and Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Airports

All Solutions

  • Prisons & Police
  • Industry
  • Oil & Petrochem
  • Energy & Public Utilities
  • Lifts
  • Tunnels
  • ... 

In the UK we manufacture special control panels and housings to suit local market conditions and individual requirements. Full system assembly, test and configuration is carried out at our Head Office. All solutions are fully documented ready for quick and simple installation.

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Commend Headquarters Salzburg

Research – Development – Production // Made in Austria

Research and Development

Software – Firmware – Hardware – Mechanics

From vision to function

Pushing the quality frontier from the lower regions of mediocrity to the cutting edge of what is technically possible – that has always been the trademark commitment of Commend.

This is why Commend’s development laboratories are buzzing with activity all year round. Specialists for hardware, firmware and software development work hand-in-hand with each other to meet market demands and shape high-quality ‘Intercomware’ from initial ideas to finished products. Existing products are subject to continuous extension and optimisation, as they are tailored to constantly rising customer demands.

The result are products whose longevity comes with a great pay-off for customers: proven Commend Evergreen Engineering bridges the product generation gap to make sure that existing devices integrate fully with latest-generation Intercom 2.0 systems, even after decades.


Where performance becomes audible

Technology made in Austria

Where it says Commend, there's quality inside

Our production facilities in Salzburg (Austria) are the birthplace of the stuff that Intercom dreams are made of. Highly automated and clean production facilities ensure that millions of electronic components are brought together to create products that satisfy our clients’ demands and deliver excellent audio quality that makes their users prick up their ears.

That this is much more than just a promotional claim is the result of our 100% double quality assurance test – spot-checks alone are simply not enough.

  1. Each and every component is subjected to a fully electronic quality test procedure in a special test adapter.
  2. The second-level quality assurance test checks each device’s configuration, functions and audio quality.

Standardised development and manufacturing processes as per EN ISO 9001:2008, certified by BVQI (Bureau Veritas International, Austria; Cert. No. AT12464Q) provide the solid basis for continued further development at Commend International.