Quality Management

Customer Satisfaction: The Driving Force behind Quality

Meeting customer needs on a broad basis is the central motivation that drives all our efforts at Commend International.

It all starts with discovering and defining the needs and wants of our customers. In order to be able to meet these needs, we aim to create a working environment that motivates all employees to ensure and continuously improve the quality of products and solutions that our customers require. These customer requirements define the standards of our own company, and they also serve as a yardstick for the selection of our suppliers and vendors.

Our quality standards for a new product are designed to match or exceed those of the best solutions available on the market.

Continuous improvement of the working environment, as well as a positive corporate culture and a natural openness towards potential improvement form the solid basis for sustainable quality at Commend International.

Responsibilities of Quality Management

Quality Management is responsible for sustaining and improving required processes and methods throughout the company. This includes reporting on the performance of our systems, as well as promoting customer awareness among Commend International employees worldwide.

In addition, Quality Management represents the interests of in-house customers and suppliers.

An essential element in the control of the continuous improvement process are our quality goals, which are reviewed, negotiated within the departments and defined on an annual basis. In its efforts to implement and further develop these goals in the long run, Quality Management is actively supported by the executive management and put into daily practice by all members of the Commend International team.

Responsibilities of individual departments

Meeting customer demands and complying with legal and regulatory requirements is what allows Commend International to market its products and services successfully in the global marketplace.

It is therefore a key responsibility of all process owners and departments to align internal processes with customer requirements while maintaining efficiency and profitability.

All quality assurance measures in place in the individual departments of Commend International are defined in consultation with executive management in accordance with uniform principles based on company-wide quality guidelines.

"People at Commend"

‘Team Commend’ is the most important success factor and driver of Commend’s business performance. Fairness and respect towards colleagues is the solid foundation of our excellent working atmosphere and a great motivator for productive collaboration and teamwork.

"Quality Management means the continuous improvement of all methods and processes."

Since quality management implies constant efforts to improve existing processes,
our QM-Manual is being extended and adapted continuously.