New: exacqVision Interface

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exacq, leading manufacturer of video management system (VMS) software and servers for video surveillance, has integrated with Commend for unified audio and video recording.

Our camera equipped intercom stations and add-on camera modules support now exaqVision VMS software. Now you can associate video with audio to e.g. properly verify identity of visitors at call stations.


Integration Benefits:

  • Associate video with audio to properly verify identity of visitors at call stations
  • Automatic display of video of pre and post alarm activities
  • Search and playback audio recordings from call stations with corresponding video
  • Easily set up event linking to start recording video based on audio triggers
  • Create exacqVision actions such as:
    • Output triggers
    • Email notifications
    • Exports
    • PTZ preset commands

Get more information on the exacq Homepage.


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