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Car parking facilities are (almost) everywhere, from on-street parking bays and open-air lots to multi-storey parking garages and fully automated car parks. They can be public or private, in building basements or at shopping malls. What they all need in order to function efficiently and generate revenue is good communications between a Kiosk or Control Room and the parking customers. Commend has been specialising in Car Parking Communication systems for over 20 years.

Applications and Key Benefits

  • Support of various communication options via add-in modules and Intercom stations with bi-directional video for gates, ticket vending machines, and points of sale.
  • A local or central Control Centre or a central Control Centre operated by the parking provider allows for easy, ergonomic management of all parking facilities.
  • The Control Centre is always available to help customers, day or night.
  • In case of dangerous situations in the car park or in a lift, Commend Emergency Call Stations are standing by to provide a reliable connection to the Control Centre.
  • Automatic video switching allows staff to assess the situation quickly and take appropriate action.
  • If necessary, security services or police forces can be notified without delay.
  • Ventilation, lighting, Public Address or commercial and informational announcements can easily be integrated and operated via the Control Centre, which also supports remote gate control.
  • Indication of alarms, e. g., carbon dioxide alerts.
  • Integration of video management systems into a shared system operating platform.

Some situations require logging of all system events for subsequent analysis. Whether you wish to track your operators’ performance or need to record the audio track of conversation for evidence purposes, Commend provides optimum support with reporting and audio recording options up to lip-synchronous video capturing.

  • Full logging and documentation for reporting, statistics and audio/video recording purposes.
  • Helps you plan your staff resources and save costs while maintaining the same high level of service quality.
  • Allows you to identify possible problems and improvement potential so you can take proactive measures early on.
  • Supports you in improving the service quality and efficiency of your entire team or individual employees.
  • Lets you monitor and analyse customer calls as a basis for improvement measures.
  • Parking solution
  • Superior speech intelligibility regardless of traffic noise

    High volume – Background noise suppression – Intelligent Volume Control (IVC) – OpenDuplex® and 16 kHz eHD Voice Audio Bandwidth

  • Add-in modules for ticket vending machines, cash desks and barrier gates

    Add-in modules for ticket vending machines, cash desks and barrier gates
    • Intercom modules for installation into barrier gates, pay-on-foot machines or ticket vending equipment
    • Bi-directional video and custom solutions available upon request
  • Information Terminals and Emergency Call Stations for Car Parking facilities

    Information Terminals and Emergency Call Stations for Car Parking facilities
    • Emergency Call Stations for lifts, staircases and parking levels, complete with bi-directional video support
    • Resistant against vandalism and rough ambient conditions (water, dirt, dust); IP 66 protection rated
    • DDA/ADA compliant Intercom stations for people with visual or hearing impairments
  • Local Control Rooms

    Local Control Rooms
    • Call handling, display of status details
    • Control of barriers and access gates
    • Audio/video recording and comprehensive performance statistics
  • Networking

    Car parks, parking lots and parking spaces can easily be networked and served via a central Control Desk.

  • Easy Control Desk Management

    Overview – Surveillance – Control
    Easy Control Desk Management

    Control Desk systems by Commend provide a continuous system-wide overview to support instant reaction in case of an emergency. Thanks to the highly user-friendly GUI, managing even complex Intercom networks or video and control functions is a breeze.

    • Call management is tailored to the needs and workflows of parking facilities
    • Calls can be forwarded automatically to other Control Desks, Intercom stations (stationary or mobile), or to land-line telephones
    • Automatic call distribution at peak times, including automatic call prioritisation
  • Software solutions for car park Control Desks

    Audio – Video – Data
    Software solutions for car park Control Desks
    • Indication of the calling terminal’s location and automatic display of the corresponding live video feed
    • Event logging and detailed reporting (performance, call frequencies, etc.)
    • Display of parking management system information (e. g., filling level of coin containers and ticket bins, etc.) on a user interface
    • Recording of audio and/or video calls
  • Lift


    The Intercom panel in the lift car performs constant self-monitoring and testing routines. It is therefore maintenance-free in compliance with EN 81.

  • Integrated System

    Integrated System

    Interfaces / Input – Output Control
    • Interfaces to third-party systems, such as video surveillance and Parking-Management-Systems
    • Active monitoring of input signals for various purposes, such as carbon monoxide alarm
    • Control of output signals – e. g., for controlling traffic signals
  • Permanent availability through System Self-monitoring

    Permanent availability through System Self-monitoring

    Every call guaranteed to get through – 24/7
    • Intercom Stations come equipped with automated functionality self-monitoring (loudspeaker/microphone self-monitoring)
    • Connection monitoring
    • Redundant server fail-safety and dynamic call forwarding
    • Saves costs by eliminating the need for manual function testing
  • Public Address and Announcements

    • Playback of pre-recorded voice messages for information, warning and evacuation purposes (addressable to individual boarding points or across all connected sites)
    • IP Amplifiers and IP Loudspeakers (projector, horn loudspeaker, ceiling speakers) at parking decks
    • Voice announcements at Intercom stations and ticket machines through modules
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