Intercom solutions for nursing homes and assisted living

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

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Communication systems that are intended to serve elderly people or those requiring special care must be easy to use. The solution by Commend ensures immediate, hands-free contact to a care giver, whether they happen to be in their office, on call at home, or out and reachable only by mobile phone. This way, any treatment or assistance that is required is only an Intercom call away. The practical benefits of the solution are well proven.   

  • Intercom modules that are optimised for ease of use and integrate easily into the rooms of people being cared for
  • Audio Monitoring – Acoustic monitoring with adjustable automatic call triggering (e.g. voice activated calls or automated alarms triggered by medical equipment) 
  • Option for immediate call response to reassure patients
  • Call transfer to mobile communication devices such as telephones and two-way radio
  • Intercom stations with Access Control capabilities for doors, gates and barriers
  • Life-signs equipment monitoring
  • Carer-in-duress alarms
  • Integration with patient/client database for activity and event recording, invoicing etc.
  • Local and Main Control Room solutions for care support points 
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